11 a.m.

The Leuven-based acoustic duo 11 a.m. are still working on their debut album, although not actively :p

Release date of their demo: “when it’s done”. Working title: “when it’s done” (pun intended. Still working on a specific sound (youtube-link) and look (video, 4 mb).

11 a.m.

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  1. well, I have to admit: it reminds me of REM. Though after hearing the full song I have to reconsider. The best is yet to come (namely the last bit). Keep up the good work. You’re gettting there.

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  3. if you’re looking for someone who likes to bring in a high-tone electric guitar touch to great acoustic songs, don’t hesitate and mail me…

    you never know you and this sad rebel will then play vlekho auditoriums again..;-)


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